“Juice me daily, keep me healthy”

The demands on our busy lives – family, friends, work, and sports– make it difficult to focus on ourselves and make the right choices. We are too quick to reach for ready-made products that often do little to improve our health. D’Juice House makes choosing ourselves and our health easier.



Our main goal – the reason why we do what we do – is to be successful by making you feel good by consistently providing healthy and high-quality beverages and snacks for everyone.



We want to make sure that through every part of us as a company, we add value and create something meaningful.

From the design and atmosphere of our “house”, to the products we select, we made sure that your comfort and happiness is our primary focus. As the name suggests, D’Juice House provides a homely environment in which you are welcomed to escape the busy – and sometimes hectic – streets of central Amsterdam.

Here you can relax in our thoughtfully designed and comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, it is important to us that the very essence of our store, the products we offer, also promote a lifestyle that will benefit you and make you feel good.

We focus on the nutritional value of the food and drinks we sell, and we make sure that they bring you happiness through their delicious taste.

As a company, we value inclusiveness and diversity more than anything, which is why we make sure to offer products that anyone can enjoy. Whether you prefer a vegan lifestyle, gluten-free products or you want to keep your diet as low in sugar as possible, it was essential to us to provide high-quality products for everybody. This is why we make sure that the products we prepare fresh for you, as well as the products we offer in D’Juicy Boutique, are made with great ingredients and passion for the product itself. We choose to apply this “5 star approach” to everything in our business, especially focussing on service, to assure all of you feel welcomed and attended to.

Because our company is founded on the base of a feel-good atmosphere, we want to make sure that both you and our fellow team members enjoy their experience at the D’Juice House, in a fun and nurturing environment. This ensures that everybody, no matter their race, sexuality, religion or lifestyle, leaves with a smile on their face, which is what we set out to do in the first place.



D’JUICE HOUSE is not only a Juice bar! We want everybody to feel valued.

D’JUICY BOUTIQUE is for everyone who want’s something different, something delicious then just a quick and fast snacks. We call it “Feel Good Products” Products that makes you happy whether you are a vegan or gluten-free intolerant or just need a good snack that gives you a smile on your face. 

At D’JUICY BOUTIQUE we have everything from nuts, to dried fruit. Vegan, gluten free cookies, protein bars, a wide range of refreshing beverages. Thee boxes and much much more.