“Juice me daily, keep me healthy”

The demands on our busy lives – family, friends, work, and sports– make it difficult to focus on ourselves and make the right choices. We are too quick to reach for ready-made products that often do little to improve our health. D’Juice House makes choosing ourselves and our health easier.



D’Juice House promises the best juice house by consistently providing healthy and high-quality beverages and snacks.



As the new, hip concept juice house located in the heart of Amsterdam, we offer you our exceptionally fresh nutritious juices and sandwiches. With a simple, yet existing range of products “D’JUICE HOUSE” will be the hot spot for Fresh juices! Grab a quick bite after a hard workout, take a break from shopping or simply just enjoy a nice cup of coffee together with our delicious home made raw cakes!

All our items are freshly prepared on the spot and to your liking.  Our signature handcrafted juices, smoothies, and sandwiches will surely keep you coming back for more.